Wherever you are in your journey through and after divorce, know that you are not meant to do it alone. This time of transition can be emotionally overwhelming, isolating and frightening.  However, divorce is also a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.  At the D Spot, we know that divorce opens the door to putting in place the foundation upon which your new and extraordinary life will be built!

I have put together a selection of programs, services and special events that will meet you exactly where you are. They will provide you with the experience, the tools and resources and the connection to fabulous women so that you can reclaim the life you are meant to live!

If you are looking for an opportunity to join a group of amazing women as you move through this transition, you may be interested in one of my upcoming virtual events or teleclasses. Or perhaps you are seeking an opportunity to work privately with me and totally transform your life over the course of the next year.

What happens next is up to you.  Where divorce ends, your destiny begins.

Virtual Events and Teleclasses

You are not alone.  However, finding the support you need and expanding your social circle during and after divorce can be a challenge; especially given busy work schedules, custody schedules and geography.

That is exactly why I offer unique and fun events and teleclasses over the course of the year.  They are designed to give you exactly what you need, regardless of where you live!  All you need is a phone and you will be able connect with other amazing women who are all on a journey through and after divorce.  I hope you will join me for the many fabulous virtual events that are coming up.  Please check back frequently as I am adding them all the time!

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D Spot Gatherings

D Spot Private Gatherings are opportunities for you to join me and a group of fabulous women all going through and moving forward after divorce. These intimate and informal gatherings take place in a private home and are a safe, comfortable and fun way to learn more about the empowering journey through divorce as well as to ask me questions about anything related to divorce that you want to know! (Even the things you have been afraid to ask…we will talk about the “real deal” of divorce!)

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Live Events and Appearances

Wherever you live, I want to get to know you!  During the year, I speak at many amazing events, in addition to offering my own special programs, some in collaboration with other expert in the fields of divorce and life reinvention, that all aim to bring together women around living the lives they are meant to live!  I will share where I will be with you as I schedule new and exciting events, but if you want to always be “in the know”, sign up for my newsletter here!

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Special Coaching Packages

In addition to working with women through my calls, workshops and special events, I also work with clients privately as they move along their individual journeys. Divorce is a journey as well as a new beginning for you.  Whether you are newly separated or a few years past your divorce, I have put together a couple of special coaching packages for you.

For each of us, the journey is unique. Moving forward before, during and after divorce requires a commitment and dedication to creating your new and ideal life. If you are a woman who chooses to work with me, you will have made a decision that you are ready to let go of what was and embrace what will be.

You have made the choice to rewrite your story and focus your time, energy and attention on designing a new life that honors your passions, priorities and desires.

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