The Power of Girlfriends!

3 May

I had the pleasure over the weekend of not only attending my friend Anne Garland’s event Women Honoring Women with my mother, but having the opportunity to share our story with the amazing women in attendance.

Anne’s event was designed for women to share their stories of relationships with women that they honor.  I chose to celebrate my relationship with  my mother, but there were girlfriends, sisters, and all kinds of other relationships that were represented.

The keynote speaker of the event was Dr. Dorothy Martin – Neville, an extraoridnary woman with a fantastic story to share.  Dorothy touched on two points that I want to share with you as I have been reflecting on them ever since:

1.  To LIVE life you must take risks, otherwise you are just surviving.

2.  Our relationships with other women are invaluable to the quality of life that we live.

As I sat there with my mother, with whom I share an incredible relationship, I was also struck by how few close….really close, relationships I have with women.

Having gone through my own divorce almost 7 years ago, I have spent the majority of my time and attention focused on securing my financial independence, strengthening the relationship with my children, growing my business which I am passionate about, and finding new love.

Over the past couple of years, however, I have found that my desire to connect more deeply and authentically with girlfriends has been growing, and yet I have not chosen to make this a greater priority in my life.

As Dorothy spoke about her friendships with women that span over 30 years, she reflected on just how much these relationships have meant to her.

The quantity of wine that was consumed over the years, through laughter and tears…

The countless life transitions that she has shared with them….multiple divorces, the death of parents, crises with children, the many professional and personal challenges and triumphs…

The crazy experiences, vacations,  and risks that they have shared, and supported each other through…

To be perfectly honest…I was JEALOUS!

When we open ourselves up to new and deeper relationships with our friends, we also open ourselves up to unimaginable joy.  And as Dorothy so beautifully articulated, when we allow our friends to see our authentic and imperfect selves…we are granting them permission to be authentic and imperfect as well.

What a fantastic reminder!

Divorce can often leave us feeling isolated…alone in our transition.

The truth is, we are not alone.  In fact, we all not only need, but seek out connection with other women.

I hope you will join me as I make this part of my life a greater priority and make a commitment to opening myself up not only to new friendships, but deeper, more meaningful and authentic relationships with girlfriends!

So, I want to thank Dorothy for her beautiful and poignant words and Anne for putting together such a lovely day!

And, a special thank you to my mother, Martha Weisbart, for being the most incredible relationship I have ever had and for joining me at this event so that we could share our story of love.

P.S.  This event was my mother and my “unofficial”  introduction to the book that we have started writing together!  Stay tuned for more information as we make our dream a reality!!

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